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Intellectual Property

IP laws: Related rights

Related rights are rights that in certain respects resemble copyright. The purpose of related rights is to protect the legal interests of certain persons and legal entities who contribute to making works available to the public. One obvious example is ...

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Trademarks existed in the ancient world. As long as 3000 years ago, Indian craftsmen used to engrave their signatures on their artistic creations before sending them to Iran. Later on, over 100 different Roman pottery marks were in use,

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Geographical Indications

The use of geographical indications is an important method of indicating the origin of goods and services. One of the aims of their use is to promote commerce by informing the customer of the origin of the products. Often this ...

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IP Laws: Industrial Design

The protection that can be obtained for a form of Intellectual Property called Industrial Design. The concept of Industrial Design will be described together with the benefits that can be obtained from Industrial Design protection.

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IP Laws: Patents

Patents are one of the oldest forms of intellectual property protection and, as with all forms of protection for intellectual property, the aim of a patent system is to encourage economic and technological development by rewarding intellectual

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